Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Goals

I've been thinking this week about making some goals for the year.  Typically I'm in the "failing to plan" camp, which, as you know, is the same as planning to fail.  I've got a lot of ideas and "shoulds" cluttering up my brain, but very few of them get done.  This year I decided it was time to break the cycle and make a list of things I'd like to accomplish.  Hopefully having them written down will give me some focus.

My non-exhaustive list of things to do around the house:

  • make master bedroom headboard out of old door, kind of like this from Martha Stewart (but no yellow insets)

Door Headboard

  • do board and batten, or possibly some other type of trim treatment, in living room, like this from The Brown Family

  • stain kitchen island top a darker color

  • save enough $ for new living room furniture, because this isn't cool

  • give these lamps (there are two) a makeover

(The rest are going to have to go without photos because of my dumbputer problems; I'm sorry to keep whining about it, but I'm not a happy computer camper right now.)

  • organize kitchen cabinets
  • organize mudroom and make cushion for the bench
  • paint Pinkerbelle's room
  • paint corner cupboard
  • paint master bathroom
  • paint hall bathroom
  • paint boys' rooms
I could go on, but if these get done, or even if some of them get done, I'll be happy.  I was planning to do this post before I knew about Nester's party, but since she's having one, I might as well join!

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Emily said...

Great goals! I hope you're able to accomplish them. Do you have any paint choices picked out yet? That's always a hard one for me.. I can never decide on what color I want! :)Good luck!

Tracey said...

You have some wonderful projects planned for the new year! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

April Westerhold said...

I totally need to go around the house and actually WRITE DOWN what needs to be done. I'm afraid I will be so overwhelmed after writing down that huge list.

Love the old door for a headboard idea.

Country Dreaming said...

It sounds like somebody is going to be VERY BUSY!!!!!!!

Good Luck.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I felt the same way about all my ideas cluttering my brain. I still have quite a few floating around in there, but I felt better after doing my list. Love your board and batten idea...I've been considering it myself. :) Thanks for linking up with me. :)

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I'm also planning on making a headboard out of a door! Bought the door months ago at ReStore for $20, hubby has cut it down to size, and now I'm afraid to do anything else for fear it won't turn out like I want it to. Maybe we can do this project "together"?

Mary Joy said...


I have to write my goals down too. If I don't, they tend to get "pushed to the back of the drawer" and not get done. I am looking forward to watching your progress on your progress and learning from your experience! I really want to make a headboard for our master bedroom too. That one is so pretty. Can't wait to see your makeover on the lamps too.

Thanks for sharing your goals...and for being the wonderful authentic lady that you are!!!:D

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

alanna rose said...

I wasn't going to make a list, but now that I see everyone else's...I see a list in my future as well ;)
Love how you called it non-exhaustive - we are never finished with our homes are we?

FrouFrouBritches said...

GREAT ideas!!! I'm dying to make myself a headboard like that too. Still searchg the ReStore for the perfect door though. Love the board and batten too. I'm considering that for the hall bath. Good luck with your list!!