Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chandelier Redo

When we bought this house earlier this year, it was a builder inventory home. It wasn't built yet (they poured the foundation the week we signed the contract), but it was all planned out by the sales manager, finishes picked out and all that. We changed quite a few of her choices, but left the lighting the same. She didn't have an example to show us, and we were too lazy to go to the lighting store and look at it, but she said it was bronze (rubbed bronze? that dark color).

Turns out everything was the color I expected it would be, except the chandelier. It was not dark bronze. It was more of a pinky brown. Yuck. Well, the dust is yuck too, but that's my fault. (It did not come with the shades; I added those in anticipation of making some changes.)

So here's what I did today. I spray painted the chandelier Krylon's Satin Nickel and hot-glued beaded trim to the shades.

I think it looks better, but I'm still not 100% sold. The color of the paint doesn't quite look authentic or something. I'm wondering if I should've just done it black. Also, do I now need to paint all the other bronze fixtures? Maybe I should just look and see if there is dark bronze spray paint. Now I think of that! Oh, man, Tall Dark and Handsome isn't going to be too excited about taking this down again anytime soon.

Oh, I forgot that the reason I chose satin nickel for the chandy is that we put satin nickel hardware on the kitchen cabinets, and the dining area is part of the kitchen. This was after we moved in and I had a grand plan to change everything to nickel. But now that I see the color of the spray paint, I'm not sure. The cabinet hardware is staying; does everything need to be matchy-matchy, or can I have nickel hardware and bronze lighting? I'm a by-the-rules girl, and don't want to do anything too risky, like maybe having multiple metal finishes. Of course, the sink is typical stainless and the faucet is typical chrome, so that was already non-bronze and it didn't bother me at all with the bronze lighting. Maybe I'm over-thinking this. Ya think?


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Holly, thanks for stopping by & welcome to blogging! You'll have so much fun meeting so many women out here in blogland.

I like your newly painted chandy, but if the rest of your finishes are still bronze, you might want to consider spraying it bronze. There are some good bronze spray paints out there, so it would be pretty simple to change it out (except the part where hubby has to take it down!). I don't see a problem with mixing your hardware with the bronze finish at all. It's done all the time.

HOpe you'll come back often!

Sandy Toes said...

That looks great! I love it...those shades are wonderful!
Happy Monday!
-Sandy Toes

Jen r. said...

That turned out great!

Shannon said...

I think it looks great how it is but they do make an oil rubbed bronze color spray paint. I like the beaded trim!

Amber said...

I love how you did the chandelier! Don't you just love spray paint?!

It really looks much more pulled together the way you did it! Great job!

Oh, thanks for the comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Love how the chandelier redo came out... BEAUTIFUL!

southerninspiration said...

Oh so much better.....where did that pinky brown come from?

southerninspiration said...

Oh, meant to say thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment!!!

melissa said...

Oh, I think it looks so much better! Leave it for a week or two and see if you're loving it or if you think you want to try the dark bronze. I have had good luck with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint from Lowes~it's Rust Oleum American Accents Spray paint, I believe. Spray paint makeovers are the best! Thanks so much for stopping by~good luck in the giveaway!

Traci said...

This post made me giggle. Sounds like the way I talk to myself in circles when trying to decide about such things, lol.

I like it the way it is but if you think it would bug you then of course, you'll have to change it.

Kate said...

I recently discovered the joys of spray paint and I was so excited to stumble upon your blog!

I've been wanting to spray paint my kitchen fixtures but I've been so scared! I LOVE the light makeover and now I'm definately going to get my lights down and painted :) THANKS!