Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Past

Here are some of my favorite photos from past Halloweens (at least, the ones I could choose from that are on the computer; some are prints in a shoebox somewhere).

2000 Skippy's first Halloween: Li'l Punkin (I was still too overwhelmed at being a mother of two to make an actual costume)

2001 Firstborn is very proud of his pumpkin arrangement (okay, so this is just fall, but it was too cute!).

2002 Eeyore, Tigger, and Pooh (the Pooh costume started out as Simba the Lion King and I remade it. Pretty good Pooh face, huh?)

2003 Warning! Warning! Firstborn is a robot complete w/ flashing lights.

2003 Pinkerbelle is a butterfly. My mother-heart goes all a-flutter when I see these pictures because my baby has since metamorphosed into a big girl!

2004 A duck, a puppy, and a cactus. The best decision I made that year was to purchase two of the costumes; they got a lot of use for a couple years. The cactus was Firstborn's idea and it turned out pretty cute!

2006 A black cat, an architect, and a bat. A construction hat, a suit jacket, and a roll of "blueprints" made up the architect. The bat's wings were made out of an umbrella (sans wire) and flew out quite convincingly when he ran with arms outstreched.

2007 Aargh, matey! Look at the lashes on that pirate!


Rue said...

Hi Holly :)

Cute costumes and I know what you mean about seeing your little one in baby pictures... I miss that age! :)

Happy Halloween!

Laurie said...

Awww...the kids look so cute!! Wow, I obviously didn't inherit the Halloween gene. My girls usually dressed up in a plaid shirt, I smeared black stuff on their face as a beard and they went as "daddy" I think one year I stuffed newspaper into an orange garbage bag and Amy was a pumpkin...