Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thrifty Makeovers

As promised, today I've got some makeovers to show off. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but here's what I have.

Wire basket thingy before.

Wire basket thingy after. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. Maybe some sort of fall arrangement for the front door or something. Regardless, I think it's already an improvement, don't you? Next:

Frames before.

Frames after. I spray painted them satin black and put my kids' artwork in them. Then I hung them in our stairwell. I love it! It looks like a gallery! The top two came with glass and I just cut the mats to fit (adding a note here, as I unintentionally misled my friend; these are not real mats, it's just the cardstock mat the art teacher used). The bottom one does not have any glass and is a tad too big, so I may keep my eye out for a replacement. However, I did not intend for this to be permanent; rather the idea is to have a rotating collection, so when they bring home other pieces, I can change it out. I think the kids will be thrilled to have it on display!

It was pretty tricky to hang the top one because I'm short, so I ended up placing a small step-stool on the top step of a bigger folding step-stool. It was a little scary, because did I also mention that I don't have the greatest balance? This blog has inspired me to quit procrastinating on some things and just go ahead and get them done; formerly, I would've just waited for Handsome to get home and let him do it. Instead I risked plummeting off a double-decker step-stool down the stairs, but all's well that ends well. And the end result was worth it!

Here's a wider shot to better show the feeling of it hanging in the stairwell.


Shannon said...

I enjoyed scrolling through your blog! We saw Fireproof last night and loved it.

Your kids are great artists!! I love the look of the frames stacked like that. So pretty!!

Joy said...

I love the art wall. You've got some real budding artists in your family!

Barb said...

I'm really enjoying scanning on down to some of your old posts.
Very fun blog you have.
Love the re-do's.
Barbara Jean