Monday, October 27, 2008

House Tour

I'm a little late to the party, but that's how to make an entrance, right? I'm going to take you on a tour of my sister's cozy Colorado cottage, partly because the photos were quickly and conveniently already available on my computer, but mainly because she has a great decorating knack and can make any place feel like home. I don't have any before pictures, but apparently this place was not much to see before she got her hands on it. I also must confess that I've never yet been able to visit her at this house, so you're getting the tour I got, by photos.

I love a red house. The style hardly matters; if it's red, to me it's welcoming. Not that I don't like the style, sis. I know you don't, but I think it's cute.

I love the entrance: the potted plants, the birdhouses, the wreath on the black door.

I'm assuming the entrance comes into the living room here (remember, I've never been there). Look at her charming vignette under the table and the folded quilts.

Looking into the living room and the very comfy over-sized couch. I know, because I have the same couch (and so does my dad and step-mom; we like to keep it in the family). To be fair, she had it first.

Looking from the living room into the kitchen. I'm pretty sure the table and chairs are the ones she bought at a flea-market when she was about 19. Even then she had a good eye. See the "Kitchen" sign? I have that too, but I think she copied me on this one, because I'm pretty sure she was with me when I bought mine. Maybe she actually bought it at the same time. But it was still my idea.

The master bedroom. A large part of my sister's cozy style is her use of warm, rich colors and inviting fabrics.

The hallway outside the master bedroom. She was lucky enough to get my grandma's little rolltop desk.

My niece's room. She is an accomplished horsewoman.

My nephew's room. He is an outdoorsman. The other side of the room has a log wall with a bearskin on it. Love the suede bedspread and the plaid drapes.

This is my favorite spot. Downstairs in the tv room is this little reading/guest nook. I love the chandelier and the french door with the curtain. My sister does all her own sewing, and in fact has an at-home business sewing curtains, pillows, etc. for clients.

I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into my sister's home. Maybe one day I'll get to see it in person! Check out all the other fun tours at the party at Hooked on Houses.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Better late than never to a party, I always say. I'm so glad you joined us. I really enjoyed the tour of your sister's house.

Like you, I love a red house, and I think this is just as cute as can be. Really liked the front door decor--including the dog!

That "Kitchen" sign is fun. Interesting how she has open cabinets in there. I think that "reading nook" area is wonderful! I'd be curled up in there all the time.

Great tour! Thanks for sharing it with us! -Julia :-)

Maya said...

What a cute place. I love cottage style and cozy!

dixie said...

Tell Wendy I said Hi!!! Love the house. I want to know what her living room wall color is!!

sandra/tx said...

That's a great house. Great use of color. Hard to go wrong with red, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I thought the same thing about that pic you mentioned.

Bo said...

Hi Holly, nice to meet you.Your sister owns a dollhouse. It just oozes warmth and welcome doesn't it... I hope you'll be able to visit her soon and btw, your family is're a blessed lady. ;-) Bo

Rue said...

I'm so glad you joined Julia's tour! Your sisters house is darling. I love every single nook and cranny, especially the reading nook and her kitchen. Thank you for sharing it with us and I hope you get to see it in person soon :)


Shannon said...

What a dream to live there! It is beautiful!