Monday, October 13, 2008

Road to Nowhere

It is 4:00. The school bus will drop off the children in 20 minutes, and I have to wonder, where did the day go? I intended to give the kitchen what-for, change Pinkerbelle's sheets, clean the kids' bathroom, menu plan for the week, vacuum maybe, come up with some kind of hard and fast chore plan for the kids, and with all day to myself it would seem plausible to get in some Bible reading and maybe even a little exercise. If I did that kind of thing. The exercise, I mean.

I did manage to throw a load of laundry in (but not fold the stuff that was in the dryer), mop the kitchen floor and wash a few dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, and toss some ingredients in the bread machine. Garlic bread, using this recipe. We're having spaghetti tonight, and the fact that I know what we're having and it's not even 5:30 is saying something.

I also went to TJ Maxx looking for some cute sheets to make a duvet cover for the down comforter I'm passing down to Pinkerbelle (because I got a bigger one for our bed. Love IKEA. Hate that there's no IKEA closer than 5 hours from me). No luck on the cute sheets. I also tried on six articles of clothing from the clearance rack. Again, no luck. Then I went to Walmart and spent way too much time getting a few grocery items. Oh, and I also spent way too much time on the computer. But typing a post for my blog makes me feel like I accomplished something, even if it is totally boring and mundane.

A monument to my productive day:

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southerninspiration said...

I understand! How can the day go by so quickly. So you've got clean plastic? HURRAY!!! ;)