Thursday, November 13, 2008

Awesome Purchase, Part Two

Last week in Part One, I revealed my armoire purchase and mentioned that on the same day I had bought something else but wouldn't be able to pick it up for a week or so. Today was the day, and here it is, my new china cabinet!! Excuse me for a moment while I go hug it.

I was browsing craigslist one day, as I sometimes do, for no particular reason, and came across this, just listed and on my side of town. This is a solid wood piece. It probably came from a real furniture store. Not Walmart or IKEA--I still love IKEA, but it's a long distance relationship, unfortunately. (You can see the color we are eventually going to paint the walls in the upper right corner.)

It has cool dentil molding (not dental, people, although it is from the Latin for tooth), and although I'm not sure it was intentional, there's even a little bit of distressing going on.

Look inside the upper doors...beadboard! Love it! There's also a groove in the shelves for displaying plates. I was thinking I would paint this, but it just occurred to me that this matches the color scheme of my kitchen table and chairs, so I don't know.

Inside the lower doors is a nice storage area with a shelf.

I will have to fix this: she dabbled the upper glass with white paint for sort of a faux frosted look. It's a little too faux for me, plus I want to display things. It's an easy fix, though; I just need to scrape it with a razor blade.

Also this. If you enlarge the photo you can see that she didn't paint the top. Shouldn't be too hard, I guess.

Do I need a china cabinet? Not neccesarily. Do I even have an obvious place to put it? Not really. But I couldn't pass it up. Why, you ask? Well, not only is it a quality piece of furniture, and already black, but it was only....

THIRTY. FIVE. DOLLARS. Thirty-five dollars!! Picture me doing the Cabbage Patch right about now. No, wait, that would not be a pretty sight.

Is there a prize for finding the bargain of the century, 'cuz if so, I just won it!


dixie said...

Jealous, I'm tell ya', that's what I am jealous! Awesome score, Holly. If you ever have buyer's remorse, you know who to call......

Stacy said...

I can't believe you scored this piece for just $35! I saw it situated in your home on your latest door post. It looks lovely.

Found and fell in love with your site tonight, I'm your newest subscriber and possibly biggest fan.

I'm also extremely jealous of this purchase - great find, keep the terrific posts coming.