Saturday, November 1, 2008

Souper Saturday--Pumpkin and White Bean

Thursday we were in Barnes and Noble getting our free Starbucks coffee (sorry, I'd link it but the coupon expired yesterday) and browsing. In the discounted section I came across several soup recipe books and decided I should really branch out for my Souper Saturdays.

I chose the New England Soup Factory Cookbook by Marjorie Druker because the recipes sounded sooo good, it had nice photographs (I like to see what I'm trying to make), and apparently the New England Soup Factory is a popular restaurant in the Boston area, so I figured these were tried and true recipes. At $6.98, it was a bargain. Also, just now when I got the link from Amazon, I saw that it gets very high reviews, so that's a good sign.

For tonight's supper, I chose Pumpkin and White Bean Soup from the Autumn Flavors chapter. I won't print the recipe, because that would probably be a copyright breach, but the combo of pumpkin, white beans, brown sugar, and parmesan cheese (and a lot of other ingredients) was intriguing. There were a couple ingredients I didn't have (cream sherry and sage) which I'm sure added an important and complex flavor, and Marjorie would probably be highly dismayed to know that I altered her recipe in such a degrading way.

Normally, I would've just used canned pumpkin even though the recipe calls for fresh, but I figured I'd use last night's jack-o-lantern and asked Handsome to cut it up. In the middle of his work, I realized that he had used one of the uncut pumpkins, and he was horrified at the idea of using the jack-o-lantern. A bacteria breeding ground! he said. So, I guess I'm glad he played it safe.

I conducted a poll rating the soup on a scale of 1-10. The results:
Handsome 6.5
Me 8
Firstborn 3.5
Skippy 8
Pinkerbelle 1

Average: 5.4 Not great, but the 3.5 and the 1 hardly count because I will never expect much more from them in the soup department.

Well, I liked it and I'm glad there are leftovers for my lunch this week. Plus, I have a lot of roasted pumpkin left to puree and freeze for muffins and stuff.

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