Monday, November 17, 2008

Chalkboard Project

Today is the unveiling of a project that has been a couple of weeks in the making. It all started with my desire for a chalkboard in the little hallway that leads from the garage to the kitchen. I had purchased some chalkboard paint with the intention of just painting a rectangle on the wall. I have used that method in previous houses and it worked well.

That, however, was before my introduction to blogging and all the creative ideas that are out there. Inspired once again by JOYS OF HOME and this project, I decided to keep my eye out for a suitable frame. Shortly thereafter, I found this one at Goodwill. It's quite large; the picture, not including the frame, is about 2'x3'. And it was "only" $9. I say "only" because GW around here can be quite ridiculous and random with their pricing; I recently saw a mauve and country blue faux oil painting from the '80s of about the same size at a different GW priced at $100!! Give me a break!!

I originally was just going to paint over the picture with the chalkboard paint like Joy did, but decided that I wanted it to be magnetic. So I went to Home Depot with a magnet and a mission. I did look at the magnetic paint, but I had heard it didn't work that well, and it was $21, more than I wanted to spend. Next I went and checked out the building supplies; flashing (for roofing, I think) is thin, flat and metallic. Magnetic? Yes. But it came in long rolls that weren't wide enough and was actually kind of pricey. Then I came across an endcap display of metal sheets. I'm really not sure what they were for; some were magnetic and some weren't and the ones that were didn't come in the right size.

I had just about resigned myself to risking the magnetic paint when I stumbled into the ductwork aisle. Thin smooth, metal. It passed the magnetic test, what about size? Aha! I couldn't believe my luck! There was a flat piece that was exactly 2'x3'! And it was under $9! Score!

I cut myself twice on the sharp edges while carrying it out, and was almost dragged across the parking lot sail-boat fashion since it was quite windy. But I got it home, primed it, and painted it with the chalkboard paint. I did the frame Heirloom White and will probably antique it with gel stain the next time I get to a craft store (I tried one color of gel stain and didn't like it, so I've got to look for a different color).

It was a little tricky getting it in the frame, as it was just a wee bit too big, by a matter of millimeters. Handsome fixed that by using his Dremel tool around the inside of the ledge, creating a little slot all the way around that the metal sheet popped into. I used the old picture as the backing.

Pinkerbelle christened it with a picture of Skippyjon Jones. She used up the last of my chalk, so until I get to Walmart I can't actually write on it, but it is hanging in my little hallway and it looks great!

This hallway is kind of the information center. On the right I have some cool metal office-y bins that I found on clearance at Joann Fabrics a couple months ago. There's one for mail and receipts, and one for each of the kids, which they are supposed to deposit all their school papers in when they get home each day. I also put up a corkboard strip to keep schedules, lunch menus, etc. accessible.

Next, I'd like to make some of this magnet bling for my new board. Time to hit the thrift stores again!


Rue said...

Hi Holly :)

You are a genius! I would have never thought that the paint would still let be magnetic. It turned out wonderful too :)


Holly said...

Thanks, rue! Actually, I wasn't 100% sure that it would still be magnetic after the paint, but I just crossed my fingers, and it worked!

Sassenachs in Scotland said...

You're so crafty, Aunt Holly! It looks great. Mom needs to send you the new family photo pronto. There are a few kids missing in the one you've got up there now :)

Bonnie said...

That is such a great idea ! i love the hallway ... what a great "information center" !! It's perfect !

Chanelle said...

WOW! That's looks amazing ~ I love the idea.

Kasey Hunt said...

I like your information center. Very organized.

Melissa said...

Love this project! I'm on the hunt for an old picture now...... Thanks!