Thursday, November 20, 2008

Looky, Looky!

Look what came in the mail's my dad's book! By which I mean he wrote it! My dad is a preacher, and has been for 50 years. He has every sermon he ever preached outlined on a little 4x6 card, cataloged and filed. He preached full-time in Canada for 22 years (during which time I was born), and the rest in his native United States. He has even been a guest preacher in Scotland a few times. The book is based on some of his sermons.

What makes this even more exciting in our household is that Firstborn designed the cover. He gets his very own copy. (Disclaimer in case it looks familiar to anybody: he started out with free clipart, but the publisher didn't want to use that, so Firstborn drew it freehand and made some of his own changes.)

My dad and Firstborn doing the scripture reading
at our church last fall while dad was visiting.

You can watch videos of my dad's recent sermons here; I think the plan is to be able to order his book from the website as well, but they don't appear to have that up yet. If anybody would really like to order a copy, let me know.

In other news...Guess what? Tomorrow will be my 50th post! Maybe I'll have a (very small) give-away!

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dixie said...

That's awesome!! When is your dad coming for a visit? Would love to see him and get an autographed copy!!