Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thrift Store Bust

This morning I felt oddly at a loss, because with my chalkboard finished, I do not have any bloggy projects waiting in the wings. I had a couple of errands to run, so I thought while I was out I would stop by the thrift stores for inspiration.

I was specifically looking for old clip-on earrings for my magnets. It seems like these would be a dime a dozen, doesn't it? I did find a few, but they were $2 a pair, which just seemed a little too high. So I'll keep looking, and if I don't find them any cheaper, I'll go back.

I also looked at Michaels for this 'family' magnet; I've seen this project a number of times and it's really cute and simple. I couldn't find it, though. Can anybody help me with brand name, or what section it's in?

I had a couple other things on my thrift store list, like a winter coat for Pinkerbelle, but didn't find anything today. (I did find her a brand-new-looking American Girl Chicago sweatshirt for $1, which I will save for later as it's too big now. We've actually been to that store several times, so it's not cheating, as Firstborn would claim.) Overall, it was slim pickins.

I've recently made it a habit to squeeze all the throw pillows in the thrift/consignment stores, looking for down or feather filled ones. The cover doesn't matter, because the plan is to recover them for our bed whenever I get around to our room decor. Today I found this matching pair for $6 each. That's not bad for feather, and these are a good size, about 1'x2'.

These actually have pretty covers, and go very well with the paint color in the family room. So for now, I parked them on my craigslist couch. As you can see, what I need to be working on is window treatments.

So, somebody needs to come up with a quick and easy project that I can copy and that will cause a run on the dollar stores, like the 'boo' frame did. I'm getting antsy, here! 


Shannon said...

I know what you mean! I want some new projects too. :)

Your chalkboard turned out great!!

Rob and Deanna said...

I found the "family" magnets on an end cap at the end of the check-out counter in Michaels.

Holly said...

Thanks Deanna! I'll check.