Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Colors

It's just been in the last week that it's really started to look like fall around here...the colors, the golden air. Not so much the weather, though. We've had a crisp day here and there, but it's been almost summer-like this last week, sunny and warm, high 70s to 80s. We've had the a/c on quite a bit, even. I would say we've hit the peak of the colors in the last couple days. So this afternoon we took a little drive through a state park to take it all in.

We didn't take into account last night's time change though, so the sun was already on it's way down. Nevertheless, it was beautiful. Postcard-like.

We drove past acres, nay miles, of brilliant foliage, and this is the spot Handsome pulled over so I could take a picture of the kids. Brown. But it's actually a good photo of all three of them. Even Firstborn has a natural smile! (And look, shorts! It's November 2nd in the midwest, people!)



Linda said...

What beautiful pictures! I love fall.

Wendy said...

Wow! What beautiful scenery! I miss the variety of colors in the midwest falls. While Colorado falls are beautiful, they're usually all one Also, your children are extremely gorgeous!! Have you ever thought about letting them model? They are definitely money-makers! I could sit and look at them all day!
signed, Auntie Wendy :-)