Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eleven Years Ago Today

On 11/11/97, I became a mother. After four miscarriages, a lot of tests with no answers, and a lot of discouragement and despair, we finally gave control to God. Nine months and many prayers later, our perfect, healthy, eight pound boy was born. I had a fantastic natural birth, with a doula and a birth ball. I was at the hospital for only about three hours before he was born. He was my only hospital birth; the other two were born at home in water.

Today, he turns eleven. Believe me when I tell you what everybody else has already said--those of you with little bitty children will be completely blown away by how quickly time flies. He has been a joy and we are so proud of him!

HaPpY BiRthDaY, Firstborn!


dixie said...

HAppy Birthday, Firstborn!! We think you're pretty great!!

Memarie Lane said...

i did two water births and one hospital as well. the water is amazing! i wish i'd known before i had my first.

Holly said...

Water is the only way to go! ;)