Friday, November 14, 2008

Livin' the Dream

I'm going to forego my Frugal Friday post today (I didn't really have anything to say about that anyway!) to highlight my nieces' blog Bringing the Highlands Home.

Two months ago my nieces Katie and Amy fulfilled a dream and moved to Scotland. They plan to be there for at least a year. They are renting a flat in Edinburgh and have part-time jobs, and in their free time, they travel. They just started a blog a couple days ago, so that will make it much easier for me and the rest of their family to follow their adventures.

(Hope you don't mind me using your photo, girls.)

I'm really so excited for them! Who hasn't thought about doing something like this, at least in passing? Once you're married and have kids, it just pretty much ain't gonna happen. I'm so proud of them for actually making it happen! I think even my sister is glad now, and hopefully isn't still worried that they will be kidnapped and sold into s*x slavery.

I went to Scotland with my dad and brother when I was 16. Just for a couple weeks, though, and staying with your dad's friends isn't the same as traveling around on your own and staying in youth hostels. Nevertheless, it was really cool, and seeing some of their photos of places I also visited brings back memories. Now, I'm just living vicariously!

Love ya, girls!


Laurie said...

Well, I had just about forgotten about the s*x slavery thing...thanks for bringing it up again! ha ha. I am glad they're doing this. Both of them are actually shy, so this is really stretching their comfort levels. It will be something they always remember for sure. However, I told them if they find a man in a kilt, he better be willing to move to Canada!!!

Sassenachs in Scotland said...

Strangely enough, Amy and I just watched a documentary about s*x slavery in Europe...