Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WFMW--Toys That Take Imagination

Today's WFMW is a themed edition in preparation for Christmas...Toys Worth Buying. I must admit that I'm not sure I'm all that qualified to participate. I can think of very few toy purchases that have had staying power with my kids. There are, however, a handful that over the years they have returned to again and again.

1. Legos (all ages, as long as you get the big Duplo ones for little kids)
This has to be the all-time winner in this household. For the last ten years, there has been some form of Legos in use. More often than not, these are the go-to toy.

2. Building blocks (all ages)
When Firstborn arrived, his great-grandfather gave him a handmade set of blocks. They aren't particularly pretty, and I don't even think they're solid wood (some kind of pressed or particle board). But they have been workhorses of the toy collection. They've made towers, they've made roads, they've made buildings, and they've worked in combination with, at various times, Hotwheels, Thomas the Train, Legos, marbles and pretty much anything else.

Firstborn & Skippy 2002

3. Portable art desk (about 2 and up)
I don't know that this actually ranks #3, but it was very useful. We bought the boys each one of these several years ago. It was chalkboard on one side, dry erase on the other, and the lid slid off to store paper, crayons etc. inside. We kept these in the van, and they kept the boys occupied while we drove.

I have heard of making something similar out of a 9x13 cake pan with lid. Supplies are kept inside and the lid serves as a work surface. Perhaps you could even paint one surface with chalkboard paint.

Really, art supplies of any kind have always been big hits with my three. We've had some fun with novelty items like Crayola Color Wonder, but the best is plain paper and pencils, crayons, or paint.

Skippy 2002

And now I will hop over to Rocks in My Dryer to see everybody else's ideas, as I'm fresh out of originality in the gift department. See you there!


Stacy said...

I have a list geared towards kiddos ages 0-3. Come check it out if yours are that age!
Great list- I love regular old building blocks!

Leanne said...

I love the wooden blocks, I bought a set very similar (unfortunately, there isn't anyone crafty enough in family to make them).

I'd give anything for that art desk though. It looks like it folds up really compact.

Heather said...

I love the cake pan/art desk idea! Thanks for sharing your list.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hi Holly!

Legos was a very, very close second for us! My boys will always play with Legos, I think. Even in their 20's, I can imagine them building some life-sized space capsule or something! :-)

Thanks for stopping by! I've enjoyed my stop have a great place!

Cindy said...

My boy would love to play with your boys...building things and doing crafts would be his choices all day long!

Thanks for stopping by The Happy Ones!