Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bargain Christmas Decor: Get Thee to Dollar Tree!

Yesterday was another all day shopping trip with Dixie. Mission: Christmas. First stop was Old Time Pottery, where I got some garland, some faux stuff to stick in the garland, and a set of two little pre-lit trees that I'm going to stick in my urns on the porch. Total: $17.

At Value Village I got the sled (on the far left) for $2.

Then, Dollar Tree. Jackpot! It was the biggest and best one I've ever been to. I'm trying to add silver accents to my decor this year, and oddly, I haven't found a whole lot. There was basically no silver at Old Time Pottery. At Dollar Tree I found quite a few things.

These stockings. In the stocking aisle there was only one and I thought I was going to have to search all the other DTs for more. Then, on the other side of the store, in the kitchen gadgets, there was a bunch more. Wahoo!

These sparkly beaded trees are fun.

I really like the silver glass pinecones (3 boxes), but it's the ones behind that really set my heart a-pitter-patter. I. love. them.

The photo does not do them justice. Really. I love the interesting shapes and the aged silver look. Again, I found one lonely box in the kitchen section. The lady at the checkout had not even seen them and didn't know of any more. After we paid and were leaving, we looked through the bins that were outside (it was soooo cold!) and found several more...yes! I got four boxes total, and let Dixie have two. I'm such a good friend.

This little felt tree is so cute! They also had it in red and in white. I just got one. You could make this pretty easily, but I really don't think you could do it for under a dollar, unless you just had the stuff on hand.

I also got another strand of garland and two boxes of small silver glass balls. My DT total was $22. Now I need to get busy and see if I can do anything with my loot.


gina said...

Love your silver finds!!

dixie said...

Now I wish I had more of those great pinecones and silver ornaments because as it turns out they look great on my dining room tree!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was fun. I found all my picks today and I was right - red and gold.

Nicolle said...

I am a huge fan of DT! You did well and your mantle looks really pretty. You've made me want to go to DT tomorrow to see what I can find! :)

new every morning said...

Oh, you found some real treasures!
I love the little silver trees.