Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Baking

Yesterday Firstborn and I made the Peppermint Bonbon Cookies. We both really like this cookie. The dark chocolate and peppermint is a delicious, festive combination. Mmmm!

Mine perhaps don't look as pretty as the Southern Living photo, but they won't last long enough around here for it to matter.

Today my plan was to make the Sparkling Ginger Stars from the same book (Christmas with Southern Living 2007). They are made with fresh ginger and coated with sparkling sugar. I wanted to make these last year but never did find the sparkling sugar. This year I finally found it at Michael's.

But, this year I could not find my star cookie cutter! I had already made a special trip to the store for parchment paper in the freezing rain, and I was not going out again. So, I made Sparkling Sugar...Circles. Bah humbug.

They are still quite tasty, and the sugar is pretty, even if the shape is less than interesting. That's it for cookies for me this year. We are having friends over for a cozy Christmas Eve supper tomorrow, and in my next post I will highlight that menu.

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