Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Christmas

I have been working pretty much all day on Christmas decorating. It does not look like I've been working all day. Nevertheless, I promise to post about it when I'm done. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I wanted to show off another of my Dollar Tree purchases.

I have seen these wall stickers at some, but not all, DTs. We recently put some flower stickers in Pinkerbelle's room (I bought them three years ago, and she finally got me to put them up). They are removeable and repositionable. A fun way to decorate on a temporary basis. Great for renters.

So anyway, yesterday I saw these, which are exactly the color of the shower curtain in the kids' bathroom. This is $1's worth; it took me approximately three minutes to put them up. It will add a little character to the room, at least until we get around to painting. Oh, wait. There aren't any 'rooms' anymore; they're all 'spaces'. Have you noticed that? It will add a little character to the space. Okay, I watch HGTV too much.

Look how well they match. It's like they were made to go together. The shower curtain is from Kohl's, about two years ago.

How cute is that?!

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laurie said...

I wish we had dollar trees!