Saturday, December 27, 2008

Souper Saturday--Vegetable Beef

Tonight I concocted another soup with what I had on hand. Not that it's an original recipe or anything. I looked at a recipe online to get an idea of a basic vegetable beef soup, and created a reasonable facsimile.

I put about 3-4 cups water, beef soup base, ground mustard, onion powder, s&p, worcestershire, 2 peeled and cubed potatoes and a sliced carrot in the pot. Brought it to a boil, reduced heat and simmered about 12 minutes, until veggies were tender. I didn't have any other veggies to add, but green beans, peas, even mushrooms would have been nice.

What lead me to do a beef-based soup in the first place was some deli roast beef that I needed to use up. It was sliced quite thickly, and I chopped it up and added it to the pot along with 8 oz of tomato sauce and simmered until heated through.

My sister sent me these awesome soup bowls for Christmas with our Souper Saturdays in mind. She sent cute polar bear drinking glasses too, but I forgot to put them in the picture. Thanks, sis!

I thought this was surprisingly good for how simple it was and how few seasonings I put in it.

Handsome 7
Me 8
Firstborn 6.5
Skippy 10 (he ate 2 bowls...unusual for SS!)
Pinkerbelle 4.5

Average 7.2 Not bad!

Now we're off to catch the last weekend of the Celebration of Lights in the park. The Christmas season is wrapping up...I hope yours was memorable (in a good way!).

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