Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday’s Tips and Tricks: Kids’ Chore Wheel

I originally posted about my kids’ chore wheel over two years ago.  That post still gets a significant number of hits, and since we’re still using it, I thought it was time for an update.

This is the original chore wheel.  Each day had a morning and evening chore; one pretty easy, and one a little more involved or unpleasant.  As I said in that post, this did not include things they were supposed to do everyday, like make their beds, and it did not imply that I couldn’t ask them to do something additional on occasion. 


chore wheel 002


The kids are older now, and several months ago I made some changes based on age and our daily needs.  Here is our current chore wheel.


There are still two chores per day, morning and evening.  I’d say they’re pretty evenly matched now, not so much and “easy” and “hard”.  You can see that two of the evening chores (set/clear table and dishes) have an alternate chore.  That’s for evenings when we eat out or for some other reason do not sit down at the table for dinner; on those evenings the designated child does the alternate chore.

There has also been some debate that the person on Pets/Trash has an unfair load for the day.  There is some truth to that, as Pets must be done morning and evening, and Trash is done in the evening and includes gathering all the trash, taking it and the recycling out to the garage, and replacing all the trash bags.  Yet it’s not totally unfair, as each child gets a turn at Pets/Trash every third day.

They are still expected to make their beds, tidy their room, etc. everyday, and sometimes they get asked to do something that is not on the wheel.  This applies especially (but not solely) to Firstborn, who not only is older, but is homeschooled and therefore has more free time.

For those of you with younger children, if you want to get them into the habit of being expected to help around the house, you can start with some really simple things that you assist them with, like making their bed and picking up toys.  As they get older, the chores can “grow” with them, and require less of your involvement.

This has by far been our most successful chore system.  I’m sure it will continue to evolve over time. My children are expected to do their chores on their own (we’re still working on not having to be reminded), with one exception.  “Help with dishes” involves me, because I’m still teaching them to load the dishwasher correctly and all that.


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Mary Joy said...

I love this!!! What a great tip, Holly! :D I am working on finding something to use with our almost 3 yr old as he loves to help around the house. I want to figure out something visual...maybe I could use the chore wheel with pictures on it! Hmmmm...
You've got me thinking!!!

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

That's a good idea! I need to figure out some sort of chore schedule or something for my kids.

Thanks for hosting!

FrouFrouBritches said...

That's a great idea Holly! We had a computer program that had everyone's chores broken down but we lost it when the hardrive crashed. Now, I can't find the disc. Might have to borrow your idea! Thanks for the tip!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

We need to do this. Natalie complains about having to fill the dogs food bowls, and it drives me nuts. I once told her that I don't like getting her breakfast ready, but I still have to do it. Not my most shining moment in motherhood, but she got the picture. :s