Friday, February 25, 2011

Party Shout Outs

It was a fun party yesterday!  Thanks to those of you who joined.  The linky is open through the weekend, so there’s still time to share your handmade knock-offs.  I debated about how to do today’s post; there were too few participants to single out only a few, and too many to go into detail about each one.

So, I’m just going to list them all, tantalize you with a glimpse of the goodness, and encourage you to visit them if you haven’t already.  Please leave a comment for these ladies, especially if you’re one of the other party participants!  Mingle, mingle, mingle!

(One other note:  one of the links was a PB knock-off purchased at the store, so it didn’t technically qualify for the party.  However, this is a new blogger, and rather than throw the rule book at her, I’d like to be encouraging.  Why don’t you visit Julie and say hello?)


Awesome knock-offs:


A Diamond in the Stuff

The House Creative

Just as Pleased as Punch

Binkies and Briefcases

LDS Mom to Many

The Country Chic Cottage

Little House of Projects

Girl in Air


Ashly@Moon Walk said...

I love the house creative project!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I visited the PB pillow--too cute!!!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Thanks for the feature Holly!! :)

Jane@Little House of Projects said...

Thanks so much for featuring my pears!

Shannon @ Creative Catalog said...

You rock my friend. :-) Thank you!

Jaime said...

Holly so sad I couldn't join the party (thanks to the stock ordering team at Michaels :(
Participation wise I think a lot of people do 'inspired by' projects but true knock offs are harder to come by. But please keep the party on for next month - I'll be there.

Julie @ Creating This Life said...

Thanks for cutting me some slack! And for hosting the party. :-)

Mom to Many said...

Hi Holly-

Tag your it. Will you play?


Melinda said...

OMG! HOLY COW! That dino pic from PB - crazy ironic! I am doing my sons room in the dino Madras theme from PB, and I didn't want to pay PB prices for that mural, so I made 3 of my own. I bought canvases, and painted them myself. Now I will have to post them to show ya! Ha! (mine didn't look as good as this one, but hey...considering I did it free hand and with my sons crayola worked for me. lol.)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I LOVE looking at the knock-offs that link up. I find it hard to do my own because we don't have the shops over here so it's quite hard to know what to choose.

I'm off to look at some of these now. They look lovely.

I like your sign, by the way, Holly. It looks brilliant - very authentic!


FrouFrouBritches said...

Such great projects. Of course, I'm a little partial to the Dog Food container, since I made one of those too. :) Gotta make sure I have a project for the next party!